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Ghost Hunt Alberta,

We are a paranormal investigations group committed to making authentic paranormal investigation experiences available to everyone through this amazing province and beyond!

Our experienced team, provide investigative services and guided investigations to our clients and the general public. We offer private and public events such as Paranormal Pub nights, Lock down investigations, and paranormal investigation parties.

We are committed to bringing tourism back to small town Alberta!

Do you have a haunted location you would like to add to our event line up? We pay for access. Please contact Bonnie 403-680-2089

All events private and public have been suspended due to on going covid 19 restrictions and risks.

Private Services......

Private home paranormal inquires and investigations are suspended but please contact us via email if you are in need and we will try to help remotely.

Private home paranormal inquires and investigations are suspended but please contact us via email if you are in need and we will try to help remotely.

[email protected]

Private home or business investigations:

Preliminary home investigation is free, we come in and investigate you home with all of our equipment and experience to try help you get the answers you need. We also offer referrals to have a house cleansing done after, to remove any negative haunts, if needed.

Paranormal Pub Nights:

Are suspended until we can offer them again safely

Join Ghost Hunt Alberta for a enlightening evening of drinks, ghost stories and Psychic readings a Haunted pub, ( several locations to choose from) learn all about paranormal investigating from our professional team.

$35 per person , drinks are not included.

Paranormal House Party:

Are suspended until we can offer them again safely

A house party with a paranormal twist! Ghost Hunt Alberta comes and entertains and informs your guests. We teach all about paranormal investigating and hold investigations during the party.

$35 per person mIn 15 people max 40 people

Meet The Team...

Bonnie Shepherd-Milner

Head of GHA and Investigator

30 plus years of exploring the paranormal, training others as investigators and a enthusiastic promoter of all things paranormal and Albertan!

Psychic with 30 plus years experience as a professional psychic, in the Calgary area. Head and founder of GHA. Investigates the paranormal to prove scientifically what she has seen and sensed as a psychic all her life.

Charlotte (Charlie) Shepherd,

Administrator and investigator

She brings organization and attention to detail to investigating. She is knowledgeable, open minded yet skeptical in all Investigations. Charlie has been Investigating at Bonnie's side for over 10 years.

Ryan Rowson,

tech support and investigator

He has always felt close to ghosts and the paranormal. He has a technical mind and likes to build equipment for investigations. He is the quiet one of the team..

Ryan heads up our free home investigations team.

Debi Watson

Lead Investigator

Investigator Collector of haunted objects. with over 20 years paranormal experiences, she has done residential, public and commercial investigations. She has traveled to many haunted places including: New Orleans, Myrtles plantation, Winchester House, Angkor Wat and The Killing Fields of Cambodia.

Cat Brewer

Investigator in training

Psychic with over 20 years experience as a professional psychic in Alberta. Grew up in a family of sensitives and wants to find out more about what is really out there. Hopefully get some solid evidence of what she has experienced throughout her life. Training with Bonnie to become a certified paranormal investigator.

Rebecca Leigh

investigator in training.

GHA paranormal training course graduate, new to the team and getting loads of experience.